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FROM YOUTH TO WORK project is aimed at improving practices in youth work in the fields of career and vocational guidance, supporting employability of youth, enhancing job search process and supporting transition from educational activities to labour market.


# Needs analysis in order to obtain overview of successful practices including procedures, methodologies and tools in career and vocational guidance and support services in employment.

# Comprehensive training curriculum that enables youth workers’ high quality and more structured work in area of career guidance and development of career management skills.

# Development of innovative online platform “Youth Portfolio” which enables young people to have free access to it and to develop their personal digital online portfolio as a way of managing their own personal competencies. Young persons will be able to take part in a process of self-assessment, mapping their own qualities, competencies and relevant experiences either from past formal or non-formal experiences, enhance networking possibilities and improve their self-presentation in digital context.

The target group of this project are youth workers from six countries who take part in producing new comprehensive curriculum for work in areas of career guidance and career management skills. 18 youth workers take part in a collaborative way in joint staff training during which the curriculum is tested, revised and mutual agreement on its features is made.

# Besides the training curriculum, an innovative online platform “Youth Portfolio” is developed to be used by young individuals for mapping their relevant skills, competences and experience in order to improve their employability and self-presentation in the labour market.

# The online platform will be also used as a digital training material and will be in line with the modules of the training curriculum.

# The expected impact of this project, among others, is in area of raising awareness of the importance of quality work of youth workers in the field of career and vocational guidance which leads to improvement in the quality of care for the young unemployed persons, especially those with fewer opportunities. The project foresees an increased recognition of the youth work and rising motivation of the youth workers to further develop personal transversal skills and competencies.

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